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Do you travel to other cities or states?

Yes. We have performed at many destination weddings like Cabo and Cancun Mexico, New York, Alaska, San Francisco and Arizona to name a few  


What kind of music you play?

Our style is what clients need and want. We read the crowd on the dance floor and mix the usic accordingly.

Our music archive is but not limited to: Persian, American top 40 dance, Lounge, House, Hip Hop, Disco Moetown, Latin (Reagaton, Merengue, Rock, Salsa ...), Hebrew, Arabic, Indian, Afghan and international hits



What do you charge ?

Prices are really affordable and reasonable depending on many variables such as date popularity, the amount and number of sound equipment needed, Venue distance,  DJs level of experience and more. Please contact us for more information



We are planning a multi cultural wedding and need a music selection that appeals to all guests. Can you do that?
No problem at all. Infact that is our specialty and we have always kept the crowd happy from both sides 


What kinds of events have you done?
All kinds from Weddings to house parties to clubs


What kind of equipment do you provide? Do we have to provide anything else? 

Equipments are all commercial professional grade such as JBL speakers, Serato software along with Apple Computer


Do you have a backup?

Yes, we do have one backup of every equipment including a computer in case of emengencies


Can we meet with you?

If you have a wedding or a large event we will be happy to meet you in person. For smaller events we prefer to use communication technologies like phone and emails


How do you mix ?

Our mixes are live at the event,  clean and seamless transitions in both persian and english songs


Do you have enough sound equipment ?

Yes, and a good clean sound with out it being loud or be disturbing for up to 1500 peole room capacity


How do you dress?

We dress accordingly. For formal events like weddings we dress in black Bowtie and suite 


Do you play special request songs?

Yes, we do try to play most requested songs at the right timing when posible. We talk all the details of music and timeline in advance always  



How long in advance should we book you?

The sooner the better.  On average we get booked 6 to 10 months prior to event date. We also had a wedding where we booked litterally 6 days before


Do you invite friends and family or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs? 

Never Ever


There is another DJ that charges less.  Can you discount your prices?

Our pricing is very fair and reasonable for the time and the quality of services, experience and the overall value that we bring to you making your very important night a success and even more special to remember



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